"Your Family Is Her Fight"
Advocate for affordable premiums
For the past decade, Georgia families and small business owners have endured skyrocketing rate increases and lack of access to quality insurance coverage. As a licensed insurance professional for over 15 years, Janice Laws knows firsthand the devastating effects this prolonged issue has had on our communities. As your Insurance Commissioner, Janice Laws will advocate for caps on premium increases, lower surcharges for accident and claims, ensure fair underwriting practices and invite best in class insurance providers to do business in Georgia.
Hold Insurance Providers Accountable
Our seniors, veterans and other at-risk families experience fraud and predatory insurance practices every day. As your Insurance Commissioner, Janice Laws will access and investigate predatory practices of insurance companies, as well as those who seek to defraud our communities. Janice Laws will Protect consumers from those who break the rules, regulations, policies, procedures and/or the law.
Educate and Serve
Millions of Georgia families are unaware that we have an insurance commissioner and the critical role the insurance commissioner plays in their everyday lives. As your Insurance Commission, Janice Laws will create dialogue between the Department of Insurance and the Georgia families we serve. Janice Laws will propose regional offices throughout Georgia, establish a consumer website where families can locate agents/brokers/insurance carries for services, access educational videos and office locations for on-site support. Janice Laws will also, conduct town hall meeting and annual educational events to keep the community updated on changes that affect their insurance and peace of mind.
Ensure Safety
Another major role of the insurance commissioner is to ensure fire safety for all Georgians. As your Insurance Commissioner, Janice Laws will create partnerships with our schools, fire fighters and local insurance agents to provide fire safety education to students. Janice Laws will also ensure that fire safety codes for new construction are enforced. In addition to fire safety, Janice Laws will propose alliance strategies with the Georgia DOT, DDS and Driver safety organizations to reduce accidents and protect our families on Georgia highways.