Fellow Georgians



Commitment Meets Opportunity

It is my honor to announce that I am running again in the 2022 elections to be your next Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. 


Although the statewide general election is almost one year away, the Democratic primary is fast approaching.  I was humbled and grateful to receive nearly two million votes of confidence cast for me during the 2018 elections, and I do not take your belief in me lightly. 


Despite all of our hard work, Georgians still do not have an Insurance Commissioner elected by the people that has stood the test of public trust. I remain ready and willing to work, with 20 years of industry experience, and I am excited to make the difference for your family. I thank each of you who chose to cast your vote for me in 2018 -- and I am reaffirming my commitment to you and all of Georgia. Let’s finish this journey we began in 2018, and declare a new future together on November 8th, 2022!


Like you, so much has transpired in my life over the past three years -- including getting married to the love of my life, Curtis Robinson.  Yet, one milestone keeps staring me in the face to accomplish: to fulfill my commitment to the people of Georgia and their families when it comes to their security and safety. This commitment is what compelled me to run in 2018 -- and it is why I have given my word to continue this fight, to provide the critical and experienced leadership you deserve, as Georgia’s Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner.


During the COVID-19 pandemic we have experienced challenging economic times for our state, for our families, and for our communities.  Yet, at the same time Georgia continues to be a hub for technological advances and innovations that when applied to the area of insurance and fire safety, I believe can make an unprecedented difference in the quality of life for all us Georgians.


The first step I am taking to deal with these challenges and advances, is to listen and engage with Georgians about what they have been dealing with, and what they see can make a difference.  To do that, I am introducing  -- from rural to urban Georgia -- an authentic, sustainable public engagement platform.   Because -- your voice matters -- your concerns matter -- I am committed to ensuring there is a pathway for all our families to be included at the level of the Commissioner’s Office in a reliable and sustainable way.


It is clear Georgia has a bright future.  The question becomes:  who’s going to be included in that future -- and who’s going to be left behind?  My commitment  to ensuring my fellow Georgians are included in that brighter future remains the same, that no one is left behind: I will put Georgia families first.  


To have that commitment be realized, I will be hearing from you first, and developing a statewide engagement framework to do that.  This engagement process won’t just start and end with my campaign.  This engagement framework is something I will bring to the Office of the Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner. Beyond reporting insurance fraud/abuses, this is how I can ensure Georgians play an integral part in the policy and administrative performance evaluation process of our state insurance practices.  


You deserve an Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner that puts you, the families of Georgia first -- and I am looking forward to actively demonstrating my commitment in being that kind of Commissioner for you in the weeks and months that lie ahead. This is my prayer in 2022: that families experience a new, and real sense of what’s possible in Georgia’s insurance and fire safety leadership, and may we demonstrate to our nation that it can happen in Georgia first. 


That is my word, my commitment -- and what I have at stake --  in being your next Insurance and Fire Safety Insurance Commissioner of Georgia.


More details as to how you can participate with me in 2022 will be coming soon. 


Georgia’s families first,




Janice Laws Robinson


Georgia Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner