Meet Janice – Janice For Georgia
A successful insurance industry veteran who has demonstrated integrity, diligence, and an unwavering commitment to serving others throughout her career. As a teenager, she migrated to the U.S. from Jamaica and embraced the principles of fairness, hard work and standing up for the voiceless that were instilled in her by her grandparents. Janice’s journey to serve Georgians is a result of her life experience as entrepreneur, award winning insurance professional, published author, and devoted mother of two courageous daughters.
As an insurance professional, Janice has been recognized as a leader and pace-setter in the industry by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and Nationwide Insurance. During her tenure she has been ranked among the top 10 agents among her peers for providing Life Insurance. She is also ranked among the top 25 insurance agents for providing auto and homeowners insurance.
Janice Laws has a comprehensive leadership track record, including owning and managing her own agency, working with the Women’s Professional Development Network, E-Women Network and Landmark Worldwide. As the founder of Total Life Empowerment, Janice mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and agents, helping them to develop skills essential to achieving their goals. While Janice has led a successful career, as a United States citizen and proud Georgia resident for nearly two decades, she has a deep and abiding need to stand up for Georgia’s citizens. Janice Laws will stand up for all Georgians as their next insurance and fire safety commissioner.
She is dedicated to utilizing her KNOWLEDGE, DETERMINATION AND EXPERIENCE to serve as your next Insurance Commissioner for the State of Georgia.
Under my leadership, the first order of business of the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner is to address the cost of automobile insurance to Georgians. Auto insurance rates in Georgia have increased dramatically over the past ten years, which has made insurance nearly cost-prohibitive for many Georgians. With the passing of Senate Bill 276 in 2008, proposed insurance rate increases go unchallenged. I believe that proposed rate increases should be required to undergo an intense evaluation process to determine if a rate increase is justifiable. I will use my office to challenge insurance providers and press lawmakers for changes. While I support insurers and the business community, I do not support them at the expense of Georgia’s consumers.
As Georgia’s next Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, I will put consumers first. Far too often, the needs of everyday Georgians go unmet to protect the interest of insurance companies. I know, because I have led a successful career in the insurance industry for nearly two decades. Over the past 16 years, as an insurance agency owner, I served countless Georgians, helping them to protect and rebuild their lives. I have a deep understanding of the insurance industry … what’s broken and how to fix it. Your family is my fight and I will ensure that insurance companies are accountable to Georgians.
As a person who stands for justice, equality and people living a life they love, Janice can no longer stand by and watch insurance consumers of Georgia suffer with no representation at the state level. She has done what she can as an Agent, now it’s time to do the work that makes an long lasting difference by being the voice of consumers in Georgia.
As an immigrant, a single mom and a female entrepreneur, Janice knows what it is like to work hard for an idea and even harder for a dream. Janice listens to what really matters to her clients - and she will listen to what really matters to Georgia. She knows that changing predatory practices and developing insurance reform doesn’t happen overnight and she is dedicated to begin the process. Janice Laws is ready for the commitment and embraces the challenge of being the Insurance Commissioner of Georgia.