Top Focus – Janice For Georgia
Advocate for affordable premiums
For the past decade, Georgia families and small business owners have endured skyrocketing rate increases and lack of access to quality insurance coverage. As your Insurance Commissioner, I will advocate for caps on premium increases for health insurance rates, lower surcharges for accident and claims on car insurance, ensure fair underwriting practices for home owners and industrial loans, advocate for the consumers of Georgia and invite best in class insurance providers to do business in Georgia for the future of Georgia families."
Car Insurance Premiums
Under my leadership, the first order of business of the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner is to address the cost of automobile insurance to Georgians. Auto insurance rates in Georgia have increased dramatically over the past ten years, which has made insurance nearly cost-prohibitive for many Georgians. With the passing of Senate Bill 276 in 2008, proposed insurance rate increases go unchallenged. I believe that proposed rate increases should be required to undergo an intense evaluation process to determine if a rate increase is justifiable. I will use my office to challenge insurance providers and press lawmakers for changes. While I support insurers and the business community, I do not support them at the expense of Georgia’s consumers.
Health Insurance
Our seniors, veterans and other at-risk families experience fraud and predatory insurance practices every day. As your Insurance Commissioner, I will access and investigate predatory practices of insurance companies, as well as those who seek to defraud our communities. I will Protect consumers from those who break the rules, regulations, policies, procedures and/or our laws. I will work with the legislature to enact legislature that holds these corporations and entities accountable for their predatory practices and to repeal and replace laws that do not have the best interest of ALL Georgians as a top priority.
Fire Safety
Fire safety saves lives by creating opportunities to prevent fires. My office will focus on both prevention and wildfire suppression efforts. I will advocate for legislation that can deliver resources to local fire departments across the state in an effort to help educate communities about fire prevention. My office will ensure that our local fire departments have the equipment, resources and training to effectively fight fires. In addition we will launch a resource sharing collaborative network that will help local fire departments collaborate on emergency fires that require a comprehensive effort.
My Responsibility to ALL Georgians
Millions of Georgia families are unaware of the critical role the insurance commissioner plays in their everyday lives. As your Insurance Commission, I will create dialogue between my office, the legislature, local elected officials, stakeholders and the Georgia families we serve by opening regional offices throughout the state, establish a consumer website where families can locate agents/brokers/insurance carries for services and access resources and office locations for on-site support. I will also conduct in person and virtual town hall meetings,create a vehicle to monitor the practices of insurance companies and their rates regarding best practices while doing business in Georgia and create annual educational events to keep the community updated on changes that affect their insurance and the things that matter most to them in their respective communities and the entire state of Georgia. We will leave no one behind in ensuring that my service to you is of the highest quality and standards.